Nicky Basford


Nicky Basford is with paint as a poet is with words: thoughtful, precise, and wonderfully articulate. Her beautifully balanced compositions - be it landscape, still life, or the human form – reveal an artist with a rare gift for line and colour. I have been following Nicky’s career for over twenty years, from the early days in St. Ives where she produced superb paintings full of light and energy, to this most recent collection of canvasses – her best yet – which are technically masterful while retaining a gentleness and sensitivity that gives her work its unforgettable heart and soul.

Will Gompertz
BBC arts editor

A personal note

I describe myself as a semi-abstract landscape painter but more accurately I mean that I’m concerned with the recollection of a place not it’s reproduction. So my work is a combination of memory, emotion and physical detail and sits on a scale somewhere between abstraction and representation. Finding that point of balance fascinates me and when it succeeds I think the work holds a certain tension and ambiguity within it. As Cezanne put it, “painting from nature is not copying the object, it is realising ones sensations”.

Working in oil and mixed media, I am interested in layers and transparency. What’s seen and not seen. The transience, beauty and fragility of things.


Nicky studied at Chelsea, Camberwell and Newcastle schools of Art and, after a career in art and retail, returned to full time painting in 2001. She has exhibited widely in this country and abroad. Nicky lives and works in London and is about to embark on her seventh solo show.

Selected Exhibitions


2019 Gallery 54, London W1

2017 Gallery 54, London W1

2015 Gallery 54, London W1

2012 Gallery 54, London W1

2010 Gallery 54, London W1

2008 Penhaven Gallery, St Ives, Cornwall

2006 Penhaven Gallery, St Ives, Cornwall


2018 Belgrave Gallery, St Ives, Summer Exhibition

2017 Belgrave Gallery, St Ives, Summer Exhibition

2016 Artichoke Gallery, Sussex, ‘Summer Fruits’ & ‘In the Landscape’
Belgrave Gallery, St Ives, Summer Exhibition

2013 Cricket Fine Art, Affordable Art Fair, Battersea
Summer Exhibition, Belgrave Gallery, St Ives
Toronto Art Fair, Jill George Gallery

2012 Jill George Gallery, Art London, Islington
Toronto Art Fair, Jill George Gallery

2011 Summer Waves, Belgrave Gallery, St Ives
Toronto Art Fair, Jill George Gallery

2010 Salmagundi, Belgrave Gallery, St Ives
September Art Exhibition, Sussex

2009 Brian Sinfield Gallery, Burford

2008 September Art Exhibition, Sussex
Kent & Sussex Art Fair

2006 Russell Gallery, London
RWS, Bankside Gallery, London
Royal College of Art, Works on Paper, London

Russell Gallery, London
Merriscourt Gallery, Oxforshire
Mariners Gallery, St Ives, Cornwall

Affordable Art Fair, London